The Best Toys For 3-Year-Olds

The Best Toys For 3-Year-Olds

The Best Toys For 3-Year-Olds

Finding the perfect toy for toddlers isn’t easy. From building blocks to toy cars, dollhouses, wooden puzzles and train sets. There are so many options to choose from.

Not to mention, every toddler has their likes and dislikes. This makes the process of choosing toys for them even more difficult.

It can be difficult to pick and choose the right toys for 3-year-olds, here is a list of our top-sellers that might help...

1. Green Toys Car Carrier

Green Toys Car Carrier

This truly awesome toy car carrier by Green Toys features a two-story truck, with fully-functioning ramps, a detachable trailer and the ability to store up to 3 mini cars (which come included of course). 

This toy truck is made entirely from recycled milk bottles (so an eco-friendly toy), has no metal parts and is free from all nasties including BPA, phthalates and PVCAs.  You have to admit it's a pretty amazing toy for 3 year olds. 


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2. Tender Leaf Rosewood Cottage

Tender Leaf Rosewood Cottage


An adorable woodland-themed dolls house complete with lots of fun accessories, and we all know kids love woodland toys. With a detachable front panel for easy play and doors that can be opened and closed, this fun and engaging toy can be carried and played with anywhere. 

The soft rosy-pink colour of the roof and floral design makes the Rosewood Cottage, a lovely eye-catching toy that will look the part in any modern nursery or playroom. 

Rosewood Cottage Includes:

  • Wood burning stove
  • Flower table
  • Two button stools
  • Toadstool lamp
  • Side table
  • Swing
  • Some garden flowers
  • A family of four wooden dolls


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2. Le Toy Van Pirate Ship


Le Toy Van Barbarossa Pirate Ship

Winner of the ‘Right Start Toy Award’, the Le Toy Van Barbarossa Pirate Ship is the best toy out there for toddlers who love pirate ships!

This wooden pirate ship is painted black on the base and has skull motifs for added flair. It features a ‘walk-the-plank’ rig, a spring-loaded firing cannon and rear stern that can be opened for access. 

Add the Budkins Pirates to encourage hours of pretend play fun!


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4. Bigjigs Cutting Fruit Crate

Bigjigs Cutting Fruit Crate

The wooden fruit crate by Bigjigs comes with a variety of colourful fruits. The fruits can be cut up using a wooden knife and cutting board that comes included with the crate! The perfect addition any play kitchen!

This wonderful wooden play food toy will not only encourage pretend play but  also teach little ones the importance of a healthy balanced diet. 

The crate includes:

      • Wooden knife and cutting board
      • Wooden lemon
      • Wooden pear
      • Wooden apple
      • Wooden orange
      • Wooden strawberry
      • Wooden banana


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5.  Plan Toys Doctor’s Play Set

Plan Toys Doctor's Play Set

A wonderful gift for kids who love playing doctors and nurses! 

Ideal for encouraging social interaction through creative play, this gender neutral wooden doctor's set by Plan Toys is great for developing those fine motor skills and dexterity too.

It includes:

      • Blood pressure monitor
      • Syringe
      • Thermometer
      • Stethoscope
      • Reflex hammer

All the pieces come packed in a wooden red doctor’s case.


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6. Threadbear Design Mia Doll

Threadbear Design Mia Soft Doll

Meet Mia, your little one's new best friend! 

She's an adorable little doll with a pretty pink floral tiered dress. Her luxurious dark hair is tied back with two velvet ribbons and her twinkly eyes, nose and mouth are all embroidered! 

This super soft doll is made from beautiful, high-quality fabrics to make her not only perfect for cuddles but also long lasting and sturdy at the same time. 

Some of Mia’s likes include growing flowers, baking, skipping.

She dislikes puddles.


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7. Little Dutch Railway Extension Train Set

Little Dutch Railway Extension Train Set

Hop on board the train, the bus, the taxi or the car and explore the Little Dutch town. With more than 100 parts, this set offers many options to get creative and build new combinations over and over again.

This stunning wooden train set features a locomotive with three cars, straight rails, curves, a bridge, various buildings, cars, people, trees, flower boxes, road signs, lamp post, traffic light, bus, ice cream truck, dog and a bicycle. Each of the wooden figurines and elements has detailed illustrations on both sides.

All parts of this wooden train set are made of durable and FSC certified wood that is completely safe for toddlers.


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8. Janod Dinosaur Magneti’Book

Janod Dinosaur Magnetibook

Know a toddler who loves dinosaurs? Get them this magical magnetic book by Janod!

The box comes with 40 magnetic pieces and 10 cards. Toddlers can use the cards to put together with magnetic pieces and make a dinosaur, or use their imagination to put different pieces together!

This set helps toddlers develop their imaginative skills. Every card comes with the names of the dinosaur in Latin, so it can encourage them to learn and have fun at the same time.


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9. Little Dutch Memo Zoo

Little Dutch Memory Zoo Game


The Memo Zoo by Little Dutch features a set of colourful cards with adorable illustrations of animals on them. Toddlers 3-years and above can be encouraged to learn animal names, while also having fun observing the colourful cards.

It will help train the memory of toddlers and improve their recognition skills. 


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10. Janod the Farm Puzzle

Janod Farm Puzzle

If your toddler loves to put puzzle pieces together, then this farm puzzle might be the perfect educational toy for them.

The toy comes with 24, large-sized puzzle pieces. Once the puzzle is finished, there are hidden illustrations for your toddler to identify and point out!

The puzzle set comes in a portable and lightweight box so that no puzzle pieces go missing.


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