Best Toys for 1-Year Olds

Best Toys for 1-Year Olds

Best Toys for 1-Year Olds

1 year old is a big milestone! Little ones have gone from crawling to walking and maybe even running. So, toys that they can push and pull along are particularly appealing.

They are also beginning to recognise patterns and shapes and love to pick up and drop objects. That means that toys that pop up, have things to empty and fill and pile up and push over are great choices.

Bright and noisy toys that move are best when selecting toys as they appeal to their senses and natural curiosity. Durability is very important too as you want to get a lot of use out of the toy. 

Toys can be divided into two categories the ‘One and Done’ and the ‘Open-Ended’. The ‘Open Ended’ Toys can encourage imagination, storytelling and improve vital development skills for years to come whereas the ‘One and Done Toys’ are more often flashy, loud and usually have just one purpose.

I am finding that the best toys for 1-year olds are ‘Open-Ended’ toys as they entertain my little ones for longer and help them explore, develop, and solve problems better than ‘one and done’ toys. Plus, I can see them playing with these toys in all sorts of different fun and imaginative ways in the future.

I’ve listed below 8 wonderful ‘Open-Ended’ and eco-friendly toys for 1 Year Olds

First Wooden Shape Sorter

This colourful bird house shape sorter is great for early learning! Little ones need to slot the multicoloured wooden shapes into the relevant slot. 

What it’s great for: It’s a great toy to help nurture dexterity and coordination skills.  It’s also great for encouraging problem solving, spatial awareness, and determination. It’s certainly a proud day when they finally get the right shape in the right slot.

Le Toy Van Bird House Shape Sorter


Le Toy Van Shape Sorter 

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Wooden Pop-Up Toys

A crowd pleaser for sure! Push the adorable animals down and watch (and Giggle!) as they spring back up again! Simple, yet effective with babies and toddlers.

What it’s great for: aside from the entertainment factor, pop up toys can help develop hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills. This toy can also encourage storytelling as the little animals can be taken out and played with independently.

Wooden Pop Up Toy 

Studio Circus Pop Up Animals

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First Wooden Puzzle

Wooden puzzles are great for helping little ones reach their development milestones. And, you can never have too many! We love this Giraffe Puzzle by Plan Toys as you can take out the colourful nuzzling giraffe blocks, rearrange them, and play with them separately. 

What it’s great for: wooden puzzles are perfect for promoting shape and colour recognition, problem solving and spatial awareness. This puzzle is also great for encouraging imaginative play and storytelling skills with the adorable giraffe figures as they get older.


Plan Toys Wooden Giraffe Puzzle 

Plan Toys Giraffe Puzzle

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Animal Stacking Toys

A set of wooden animals like these adorable Forest Stacking Animals are so much fun and invite so many play opportunities. Plus they come in a handy draw bag so they can be taken on all sorts of adventures. 

What it’s great for: these little animal figures are great for imaginative play and encouraging speech through story telling. They also make a wonderful stacking game which can help develop coordination and dexterity skills. 

 Le Toy Van Animal Stacking Toy

Le Toy Van Forest Stacker & Bag

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Wooden Play Blocks

No nursery is complete without a set of play blocks. These 60-piece wooden traffic blocks are full of colour and perfect for little hands to grasp.  

What it’s great for: wooden building blocks are perfect for boosting hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and dexterity. These traffic blocks are also great for getting young imaginations going as they zoom around their creation with the little cars - not forgetting to stop at the traffic lights of course. 

Le Toy Van Wooden Play Blocks

Le Toy Van Wooden Play Blocks

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Wooden Pull Along Toys

Pull alongs, even simple ones like this adorable wooden snail by Plan Toys can have years of life in them and can be used in so many ways.  This cheeky chap is extra special as he has a body that crawls up and down and a bright wheel shell that spins when it is pulled along.

What it’s great for: pull alongs make lovely little companion for toddlers as they take their first steps and start exploring their surroundings. Once they have mastered walking, this toy can be used in all sorts of imaginative play in the house and the garden.

Plan Toys Pull Along Snail

Plan Toys Pull Along Snail

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Classic Rainbow Stackers

This colourful 7 piece multicoloured is a lovely spin on the classic rainbow stacker with a bright smiley sun on the top (we all know kids lovely smiley sun faces). 

What it’s great for: it's bright, and eye catching to children and can be stacked in so many ways, really encouraging open ended and imaginative play. Or use it to decorate the playroom (it looks great)!



Tender Leaf Toys Rainbow Tunnel
Tender Leaf Toys Rainbow Tunnel

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Bath Toys

This cute little penguin in a wooden sailing boat by Plan Toys is one of our absolute favourite bath toys. The little wooden boat floats on water and the penguin can be lifted out and switched between other toys and boats. 

What it’s great for: kids love taking the cute little penguin out the boat and putting him back in again encouraging hand-eye coordination. It's also a great toy to encourage imaginative play in the bath or in the pool. 

 Plan Toys Penguin Sailing Boat 
Plan Toys Penguin Sailing Boat

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