5 Easy DIY Toy Ideas to Make at Home

5 Easy DIY Toy Ideas to Make at Home

5 Easy DIY Toy Ideas to Make at Home

With Earth Day on the way, we thought we'd share a few helpful tips and ideas on how to go about making toys for your kids at home. If it seems overwhelming don't worry, as some come with handy blueprints and instructions. 

Let’s face it, how many of you have spent a fortune on that perfect gift for your little one, only for them to be more excited about the box it came in. In fact, these days both of my twin babies seem to be more excited by the wet wipes packet than they are with their shiny new baby blocks.

Here's hoping that these 5 tips will bring your kids hours of eco-conscious, green entertainment…

1. Recycle and Remake Book

Firstly, I highly recommend this book for inspiring ideas on making your own eco-friendly toys at home.  It’s perfect for those children who are conscious about helping save the planet, filled with creative activities and ideas. It’s a must have on road trips and perfect to add to the children’s reading collection whilst at home. From making seeded recycling paper from junk mail to cleaning the oceans by turning old plastic bags into kites. This book has something to offer for everyone.  

2. 3D model Eugy kit 

These excellent compact model kits are the perfect DIY projects for those interested in art and craft. With hundreds of designs and easy-to-follow blueprints and instructions you can build creatures like the sloth, meerkat or the humpback whale. This is a lovely project for the whole family to get involved with and even start collecting. And better yet, all of the 3D Eugy models are made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable card and printed with natural eco-friendly ink.  

3D Eugy Sloth


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3. Homemade Playdough

Who doesn’t like playing with playdough right? Personally, I use any excuse to crack open the playdough and build all sorts of weird and wonderful characters with the kids. You don’t need to add any nasty ingredients either in case your little one decides to have a play time snack. You can easily find a whole host of recipes online - completely natural, food grade ingredients, naturally scented and coloured using plants. 

Eco-friendly playdough


4. Edible Finger Paints

Finger paints are often a baby’s or toddler’s first introduction to art. It may result in hours of cleaning afterwards, but it’s certainly a wonderful hands-on sensory and creative experience for your little one. They get to explore their sense of sight and touch and depending on the recipe you choose (recipes aplenty online) their sense of smell and taste too. Another fun, safe and eco-friendly activity for the whole family to enjoy.  


5. ReCycleMe Science 

Finally, we have the ReCycleMe Science kit containing not 1 but 6 projects to turn your household rubbish into fun science! This do it yourselfer includes instructions for creating 6 different working models from plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, CDs and milk cartons, including a rocket, a windmill, a water mill, a boat, a car and a hovercraft. This really is the ideal set to have fun with family whilst also learning more about sustainability in an enjoyable way.  

RecycleMe Science


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